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Our Story

Our journey started in 2017 with a passion for 3D and virtual tours using Matterport.

As we worked with clients, we quickly realized the challenges they faced in product understanding, lead generation, and customer satisfaction. To solve these problems, we developed cutting-edge technology to create ultra-realistic pixel streaming virtual showrooms that offer a seamless, future shopping experience.

Our platform tracks every step of the customer journey, providing valuable insights to sales teams and generating more qualified leads. At the same time, we are building a bridge to the future, to the Metaverse, where our solutions will continue to evolve and transform the way people shop for products and experience virtual environments.

Join us on this exciting journey towards the future of sales and marketing, where we continue to simplify the process, connect businesses and customers, and help our clients thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape

From our partners

"Cloud services, including cloud gaming and 3D streaming solutions, are important focus areas for Microsoft. Based on my observations of AVAR's accomplishments, they will hold a significant position in the future of spatial e-commerce."

Ali Adil

Channel Sales Manager, Microsoft

"AVAR has consistently demonstrated a competitive edge within the 3D cloud-streaming industry. I am enthusiastic about the prospects of our partnership and look forward to the innovative developments it will bring."

Dimitri Mistetski

CEO & Founder, MIFCOM | Arcware

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