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Welcome to the future of phone and modular office booths. Our virtual showroom technology provides a seamless and immersive experience that allows you to showcase your product to potential clients all over the world.

With ultra-realistic 3D visualization and configuration options, you can offer a personalized and engaging demonstration of your phone and modular office booths.

This technology not only saves time and resources, but also helps you to stand out in a competitive market and increase sales. Discover the possibilities of tomorrow’s business world with our innovative solution.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Better Product Understanding

Marketing Advantages

Sales Improvement

Unique data

Unique data refers to the specific information and insights that can be gathered from the behavior and preferences of customers on our platform, which can help businesses make more informed decisions about their marketing, sales, and overall strategy.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction and streamline your sales process with our Ultra 3D Realistic Virtual Showroom. Our cutting-edge technology allows your customers to visualize and configure their ideal phone or modular office booth in stunning detail, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and ensuring that they get exactly what they need. With worldwide access to our showroom, your customers can explore and interact with your products anytime, anywhere, and make informed decisions with confidence. Elevate your customer experience and stay ahead of the competition with our innovative solution.

Better Product Understanding

Our Ultra-Realistic 3D Virtual Showroom allows your potential customers to fully visualize and explore your phone and modular office booth products, providing a more engaging and interactive experience. With detailed and accurate 3D models, your customers can explore different configurations, colors, and styles of your products from anywhere in the world. This not only leads to a better understanding of your products, but also helps to build trust and confidence in your brand. By allowing customers to experience your products virtually before making a purchase, you can ensure they make an informed decision, ultimately improving their satisfaction with their purchase.

Marketing Adavantages

Our Ultra-Realistic 3D Virtual Showroom provides a unique marketing advantage for phone and modular office booth companies. By showcasing their products in a visually compelling and engaging way, potential clients can better understand and envision themselves in the space. This immersive experience helps to differentiate our clients from their competitors and ultimately leads to increased sales. Additionally, since the virtual showroom is available worldwide, it provides a cost-effective and efficient marketing solution for companies looking to expand their reach.

Improved Sales

With our Ultra 3D Realistic Virtual Showroom, your customers can explore all the configurations of your phone and modular office booths before making a purchase. This not only helps them find the best option for their needs, but also leads to more qualified leads and a shorter sales cycle. By providing a unique and engaging shopping experience, you can stand out from your competitors and improve your sales performance.


From our partners

"Cloud services, including cloud gaming and 3D streaming solutions, are important focus areas for Microsoft. Based on my observations of AVAR's accomplishments, I anticipate that they will hold a significant position in the future of spatial e-commerce."

Ali Adil

Channel Sales Manager, Microsoft

"AVAR has consistently demonstrated a competitive edge within the 3d cloud-streaming industry, surpassing other solutions I have encountered. I am enthusiastic about the prospects of our partnership and look forward to the innovative developments it will bring."

Dimitri Mistetski

CEO & Founder, MIFCOM | Arcware

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Our vision is to revolutionize how people interact with built environments through cutting-edge digital twin technology and virtual configurators. We are committed to delivering exceptional user experiences and empowering our customers across a wide range of industries, while also promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices.

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We're confident in the impact of our work. That's why we're offering a free example of how our solution can showcase your products online - no strings attached. You're not obligated to commit to our services - the decision is entirely up to you.




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